Royal Audio Player as an alternative to VoiceZam for Voice Over

VoiceZam is really cool. The only thing is that it costs $8.95 a month. You can see what it looks like and how it functions on their features page or on Brian Mitchell’s page.

Since I didn’t want to pay for a subscription I went on the hunt to find something similar. What I found, I’m quite pleased with. It’s called Royal Audio Player. I got the Wordpress Plugin version.

You can see the customized audio player on my website

Royal Audio Player does involve getting a little technical if you want to customize it exactly as I did, but I think it looks good, professional, functions well and saves money in the long run if you prefer to bypass monthly fees.

Technical details on how I customized Royal Audio Player

I got rid of the alternating colors in the background by uploading a transparent png file into my FileZilla client that replaced playlist-item-progress1.png and playlist-item-progress2.png

wp-content > plugins > fwdrap > content > hex_white

I added demo categories at the top (links to the respective demos) so they would be visible from the get go and there would be no confusion as there can be with the playlist dropdown menu native to the audio player which has hidden categories. For some people the dropdown is obvious, but I asked my friends to check out my website and one of them said they didn’t know the native dropdown menu had more categories.

I used the hex_white skin and formatted the colors to match my website.

I turned off the option to play audio after loading a new playlist since in that mode it required me to click twice (on desktop) to get the audio to play when the webpage initially loaded.

To make the font size larger I added this code to my additional CSS:

font-size: 20px !important;

This is what Playlist Manager looks like inside the Royal Audio Player options:

This is what the guts of an individual track looks like:

Main settings

Controller settings

Playlist window settings

Playlist settings

I disabled pop up and search bar settings. I left the other options how they were (password and A to B).

One thing you might like is to mess around with the Visualizer settings. I just thought it might be a little bit distracting, so I disabled it.

Also, be aware that the Visualizer may interfere with links (like the demo links I have) right above the player since it can make them non-clickable.

Email me with any questions!

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