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Want your own fwdng.com shortlink?


✔️ The recommended way:

⚙️ It fwds / works like this:

fwdng.com/name — > rebrand.ly/name — > url (you can edit)

Advantages of choosing fwdng.com over just using rebrand.ly 👌

More name choices are available at fwdng.com (Search possible names)

.com is more recognized

fwdng.com is shorter (one letter but still — shorter! 9 letters vs 10)

fwdng’s philosophy is more casual about “forwarding you to a page” rather than focusing on branding (although fwdng is a brand as well).

Popular ways to use fwdng 😎

Connect to linktr.ee, contact info, wedding website, Google doc/sheet/form, or whatever you’re currently working on or wanting to share.


How are wyr.es and fwdng.com different

Wyr.es is what I personally use to make short links. I made Fwdng.com to give others that ability. I’ve considered making a whole website that allows people to login and make multiple shortlinks like fwdng.com/username/name. However, I want to see if there is enough interest in this first step of the idea.

Can I get a fwdng link without a rebrand.ly account

Yes, you can, but keep in mind that fwdng links are static and always point to another url unless I change it by hand. Getting an account with rebrand.ly or another service allows you to have a dynamic link that you can change whenever you want.

Do you really hand-type the links we get into your service❓

I copy and paste. But yes. It’s done manually! That’s why it’s “Handcrafted URL Forwarding.”

What service does fwdng use to host links❓

Currently short.io but I’ve considered rebrand.ly since that might be possible to have a homepage there.

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