Fwdng.com — Get started 🚀

Want your own fwdng.com shortlink?


✔️ The recommended way:

  1. Get an editable link, Sign up for a free rebrand.ly account. (You can use Google or Facebook to sign up.) Add a new link with whatever name you want after the slash. (rebrand.ly/name). There’s also a rebrand.ly app.
  2. Find an available fwdng.com/name address then fill out the Fwdng Google form.
  3. Eagerly wait for a response letting you know your link has been created. You can edit the url your rebrand.ly link points to at any time and the fwdng.com link will always point to your rebrand.ly link which will ultimately point to any url you choose. You can put fwdng.com/name on various social media platforms or anywhere on the web. Changing the fwdng link’s destination is seamless. You just change your rebrand.ly link. (Even from the comfort of your phone.)

⚙️ It fwds / works like this:

fwdng.com/name — > rebrand.ly/name — > url (you can edit)

Advantages of choosing fwdng.com over just using rebrand.ly 👌

More name choices are available at fwdng.com (Search possible names)

.com is more recognized

fwdng.com is shorter (one letter but still — shorter! 9 letters vs 10)

fwdng’s philosophy is more casual about “forwarding you to a page” rather than focusing on branding (although fwdng is a brand as well).

Popular ways to use fwdng 😎

Connect to linktr.ee, contact info, wedding website, Google doc/sheet/form, or whatever you’re currently working on or wanting to share.


How are wyr.es and fwdng.com different

Wyr.es is what I personally use to make short links. I made Fwdng.com to give others that ability. I’ve considered making a whole website that allows people to login and make multiple shortlinks like fwdng.com/username/name. However, I want to see if there is enough interest in this first step of the idea.

Can I get a fwdng link without a rebrand.ly account

Yes, you can, but keep in mind that fwdng links are static and always point to another url unless I change it by hand. Getting an account with rebrand.ly or another service allows you to have a dynamic link that you can change whenever you want.

Do you really hand-type the links we get into your service❓

I copy and paste. But yes. It’s done manually! That’s why it’s “Handcrafted URL Forwarding.”

What service does fwdng use to host links❓

Currently short.io but I’ve considered rebrand.ly since that might be possible to have a homepage there.

Say Hi 👋

Maybe you have other questions or are dying to tell a new knock knock joke you just learned. Feel free to reach out by sending a message.




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Voice Over | sayingthings.com

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