• Jim Flauaus

    Jim Flauaus

    I Rescue Troubled Taxpayers & Give Them a #FreshStart | Unemployable | Marathoner | No BS #IRS Tax Relief | Forgiven | Failing Forward | Rhymes w/ House

  • Denzel Thys

    Denzel Thys

  • Priyadeep Sinha (PD)

    Priyadeep Sinha (PD)

    Founder @ Kidovators — World’s first 21st century skills & competencies platform for K-12 | Advisor -Schools & Startup

  • Ben Taylor

    Ben Taylor

  • atomicrocketpoplab


    A Destination Classic Pop Culture Lifestyle Gallery — Seattle.WA www.atomicrocketpoplab.com

  • Nikola Mihajlovic

    Nikola Mihajlovic

  • Forrest Wheatey

    Forrest Wheatey

    Freelance Interior Designer and the greatest Margarita maker in the Universe

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