Currently I’m doing a 3 week Bootcamp at AirDev to learn more about coding apps with

I found a built in accessibility tool for Mac called Dwell.

You can automatically click on things by just hovering over the item you want. You can also pick different facial expressions for different actions.

You can use these when writing a text message, email, in notes, and many input fields on your iPhone.

Shortcuts I’ve Used

a$ =address, e$ = email, p$ = phone number, d$ = driver’s license, w$ = website, sig$ = email signature, b$ = birthday

But the sky is the limit.

Optimizing using the $ symbol

You may already know about Text Replacement. However, this is a way to make it better. Placing the $ at the end of the shortcut allows for one less keystroke than putting it at the beginning of the shortcut.

$ is not super common in regular writing so it’s a good symbol to use.

How to get started

On your iPhone go to Settings > General > Keyboard > Text Replacement

Click the + in the top right.

Have fun


Like Father Like Son: Interpretation of Data is important

Mixing Geology and Javascript

My dad loves Geology. Not as much as other things in life, like God and family, but he loves it. Today is his last day of work at ExxonMobil before he retires! He was there for 34 years. I’ve been coding and learning JavaScript as a hobby for about 3.4 months. He’s further in his game — regardless of that I couldn’t help but notice a similarity between the two fields. Both enjoy interpreting data.

Geologists will look at geologic data and make educated guesses as to what type of resources might be available under the surface (eg oil and…

The web can be a tough place to build things at times. It can be a bit like the wild west. Fortunately, my curiosity and interest in creating has led me to persevere and find a way to accomplish a variety of goals. One such goal was to make an audio player for my voice over website


Convert your Google Audio file so Google Drive can host your audio while your website audio player can play it.

Alternatively use my spreadsheet to convert your Google Audio files.

(***I also have one for Images***).

You can use any html…

Want your own shortlink?

✔️ The recommended way:

  1. Get an editable link, Sign up for a free account. (You can use Google or Facebook to sign up.) Add a new link with whatever name you want after the slash. ( There’s also a app.
  2. Find an available address then fill out the Fwdng Google form.
  3. Eagerly wait for a response letting you know your link has been created. You can edit the url your link points to at any time and the link will always point to your link which will ultimately point to any url you choose. You can put…

A simple solution to remember appointments or anything else

1. In Gmail

Go to Setting > See all setting > Filters and Blocked Addresses > Create a new filter

You can use any words you like. I’ll most likely use “appt” the most. But “rem” for remember could be useful and “sms” designating that I’m texting myself. But only one of those needs to be in the actual email to yourself.

I used this process to expedite access to Gregg Matte’s Moment Devotional

Short url:

I’m not an expert coder by any stretch of the imagination. However, when I find a problem I like to see if I can find a solution to that problem by gathering a simple solution from others who have pioneered similar solutions.

The Moment Devotional written by Gregg Matte (pastor of Houston’s First Baptist Church) is something I enjoy reading every day. It’s hosted on (A neat website that hosts pdfs). …

VoiceZam is really cool. The only thing is that it costs $8.95 a month. You can see what it looks like and how it functions on their features page or on Brian Mitchell’s page.

Since I didn’t want to pay for a subscription I went on the hunt to find something similar. What I found, I’m quite pleased with. It’s called Royal Audio Player. I got the Wordpress Plugin version.

You can see the customized audio player on my website

The Rode NTG3 is a great microphone in its own right. But, the 416 is a legendary mic, known for its use in Hollywood to boom actors for TV shows and movies. It’s an industry standard and commonly used for voice over (which is what I do).

Here’s a video demonstrating my efforts to match these two mics.

Let’s cut to the chase. If you’re interested in this experiment then you need to make an EQ graph that looks something like what’s below. You may have better ears than me and end up tweaking it.

Nathan Puls

Voice Over |

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