You can use these when writing a text message, email, in notes, and many input fields on your iPhone.

Shortcuts I’ve Used

a$ =address, e$ = email, p$ = phone number, d$ = driver’s license, w$ = website, sig$ = email signature, b$ = birthday

But the sky is the limit.

Optimizing using the $ symbol

You may already know about Text Replacement. However, this is a way to make it better. …

Like Father Like Son: Interpretation of Data is important

Mixing Geology and Javascript

My dad loves Geology. Not as much as other things in life, like God and family, but he loves it. Today is his last day of work at ExxonMobil before he retires! He was there for 34 years. I’ve been coding and learning JavaScript as a hobby for about 3.4…

Nathan Puls

Voice Over |

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